The database powering this platform is composed of 4266 records. 2188 from bibliography, 1623 from experts, 455 labels from herbarium specimens. The records we have obtained to date represent 951 species: 487 native spices, 464 non-native species, and 464 non-native species
Of 2918 plants native to Bogota, 17% have a common name and of 663 non-native plants documented to date in Bogota, 71% have a common name applied to them by the people of Bogota. These species belong to 155 botanical families. We have compiled 1823 names applied to plants growing in Bogotá and have detected 2775 common name/scientific name combinations.
To date we have included information from 63 secondary sources (books, articles, technical reports, theses, etc.) and from interviewing 88 local experts throughout the city as sources of common names; we have also used about 420 references to complement and support the information we include. To date, the origin of the common names of 1378 common name/scientific name combinations has been compiled.
The platform has a growing resources bank containing 2160 images, 226 text fragments, 325 video clips and 45 links to illustrations of the Royal Botanical Expedition of the New Kingdom of Granada.
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