Cucurbita maxima

Common Names in the Capital District:
Ahuyama / Auyama

Origin: South America
South America

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There are still no data of Cucurbita maxima in JBB herbarium
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  • Ferriol, M., Picó, B., & Nuez, F. (2004). Morphological and Molecular Diversity of a Collection of Cucurbita maxima Landraces. Journal of the American Society for Horticultural Science, 129(1), 60–69.

Urban habitat:
  • Ejemplar AR2228 Herbario JBB

  • Aquino, J. (2015). Entrevista a José Aquino, vereda Peñalisa, Sumapaz - Salida Etnobotánica Bogotá-Región.
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Suggested citation
Plataforma de nombres comunes de las plantas de Bogotá. Cucurbita maxima, (Consulted in 2023-05-28).

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Growth form and scale

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